How to Articles

Listed below are articles submitted by our members or other model railroaders that show how they may have accomplished a task building their railroads, structures or rolling stock or discovered a new or different way to just "get something done".


All articles are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.



Bill Hudson - "Turnout Control - The Anderson Link"

This article shows how Bill took a device first made back in the sixties and modified it to use on his Dogpatch & East Ain't RR to remotely control turnouts. 


Bob Beaty - "Thinking Scenically - Trees"

This is a document about a how-to clinic Bob presented to the Steel City Division on February 16, 2012. It shows different ways to make realistic trees for your layout.


Craig Gardner - "Prototypical Turnout Handles"

This is  about how to replace the handle on a manual Caboose Hobbies ground throw to make it look more prototypical.


Bill Hudson - "Tips for Laying Track"

This article was written by Bill in response to a "What's On Your Workbench" request in our newsletter. It has many of his tips for laying a lot of track in a short amount of time with limited funds.

Bill Hudson - "On Scales and Measurement - “Math” sucks"

Here's another interesting article from our friend Bill Hudson giving his take on different measurment systems, how to apply them in model railroading and tips on using some measuring tools.

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